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For a number of years this was the official site of the Belmond Historical Museum, operated by the Belmond Historical Society

Step into Belmond’s past at the Belmond Historical Museum. Learn the impact the sugar beet industry had on the community a hundred years ago. Commemorate the sacrifices its veterans have made to our country during peace and war. Revisit the devastating 1966 tornado, or just experience the simpler times in everyday life exhibits..
Content is from the site's 2006 -2009 archived pages.

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Belmond Historical Museum
223 E Main St.
Belmond, Iowa

The Belmond Chapter of the Wright County Historical Society
Shall collect, preserve, and display artifacts and record information
of historical significance to the Belmond and surrounding area.





The Belmond Historical Society will accept artifacts that have a historical connection to Belmond and the surrounding area.  A donation form will be filled out for all items and signed by the donor and a historical society member.  It is understood that all items accepted by the Belmond Historical Society will become the property of the Belmond Historical Society.  The item will be evaluated as to its importance to the historical society collection.  Upon evaluation the item(s) will either be put on permanent display or added to the temporary or special occasions display pieces.  In the event an item(s) is found to be of little or no value to the Belmond Historical Society collection the society reserves the right to either donate to another group or dispose of the item(s).

Help preserve Belmond History

But the only way to get the full Museum experience is to see it for yourself.
Please come spend and hour or two exploring  Here at Belmond Museum

Personal Note:
This is a historic jewel that is both informative and entertaining to experience first hand. Anyone interested in the pre and post Civil War period will find a treasure trove of artifacts and memorabilia from this time that are fascinating and eye-opening. Everything from the household items, tools, clothing, uniforms, weapons, and artifacts of daily life are available to peruse. The staff is well informed and welcome questions. I visited this museum with my kids who loved the uniforms. My youngest son was spellbound by the uniforms - he was wearing a sweatshirt for Batman fans from and the uniforms on display reminded him of his own attire. Of course, Batman did not exist back then, but the insignias on the uniforms do look similar to some of the Dark Knight's insignia, especially the Union Army vests. My daughters were enthralled with the puffy dresses and the amazing antique toys - so different from the same items in our modern lives. If you visit, be sure to read the stories behind the displays - they provide context that bring the items themselves to life. Strongly recommend this museum for school field trips!




History's Mysteries

Can You Help Solve These?

  • What became of the millstone when the last mill was torn down in 1935?

  • After the Indian battle at cemetery hill in 1852, what became of the remains of the Indians who were killed? Did they get buried there or carried off?

  • Passed-down stories tell how Susan's bay got its name, but does anyone have an authenticated story? The August 26, 1896, Iowa Valley Press reported, "One of our local fishermen caught a 7 pound pickerel in Susan's bay Wednesday."

  • We've read of a second mill site along the Iowa river, close to town. Was there such a mill, and if so, were was its location?

  • In several old photos of the First State Bank building, there is a large bell perched on the northwest corner of the roof. Does anyone know what became of the bell?

  • Why was the grove south east of Belmond, where the Luick family settled, named Franklin Grove?

  • Ed Lathrop, who was born in Belmond about 1862 began keeping a scrap book as a young boy. Most of the pages were fille dwith newspaper clippings, begins with the Belmond Mirror, Belmond's first newspaper. Does anyone know if this scrapbook still exists?

  • Does anyone know the identities of the men in this photograph? Are they possibly veterans of the civil war and members of the local Gar Post?


2009 Belmond Historical Society Activities / Acquisition

POW BUSEUM: POW  Life in Iowa and POW in Germany

  • Arranged field trips for students ingrates 5  through 12 to see  both bus exhibits

  • Students visited with several WWII Veterans

  • POW exhibits opened to the public-free admission

  • Prepared a DVD for our servicemen from Belmond and surrounding area who served in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq

  • Hosted a museum open house after the bus tours, served refreshments, and viewed  the military DVD


  • Repaired and raised the River Park country schoolhouse which was damaged in the flood of 2008

  • Conducting ongoing research about the country schoolhouses in our area


  • Sorted and identified many of Bob Foss's pictures from the Belmond Independent

  • Received several BHS Composite Graduation Pictures

  • Assembled a collection of BHS/BKHS yearbooks

  • Started scanning Dunham/Thoe glass plate negatives collection

  • Copying the Thoe Photo ledgers

  • Continued work on the sugar beet display

  • Participated in the 4th of July Parade and the Christmas parade

  • Gave museum tours to six different community groups


  • Built a costume display case

  • Built a protective frame for the etched glass window for the front door of  the Dumond house

  • Purchased three display cases from the Renwick city Hall

  • Built podiums to hold the Foss Picture books

  • Purchased pictures hangers, scanners, hard drives, mannequins, archival boxes and envelopes


  • Two chicken and biscuit dinner- Feb./Nov.

  • Mail-in campaign- Nov.

  • Bake sale- Sept.

  • Family Fun Day-Oct.


  • Installed new kitchen and doors

  • Straightened up back storage room

  • Rearranged display in the museum

  • Installed picture frame molding

  • Finished  insulating the building


  • Complete the sugar beet display



Digitizing of 150 years of Belmond newspapers. Phase ONE Papers 1876-1925  + Phase TWO in 2011 

A great resource for researchers and genealogists.   

 Thoe Studio glass plate negatives,  ended with over 7000 images!. Superb clarity and quality.  Well over 400 hrs  spent scanning, cataloguing, and Archival storing the negatives . If your looking for a photo of a area relatives, maybe we can help. Copies of pictures will be available for a small fee .





Your membership support helps bring outstanding changing exhibition, Educational programs and preserves a local cultural treasure for everyone in  the community.

Annual Memberships are accepted throughout the year but are due for renewal every  February
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Type of Membership: (Please circle one)

All donations are tax deductible; however, membership dues are not deductible.
The society is open to everyone. It is dedicated to the past and present for the Future of the Belmond area. Members are encouraged to attend meetings and Participate in activities whenever possible.
All donations shall be used to promote the work of the organization and its causes.
Donors who wish to specify the use of their donation may do so.

Annual dues are:
Lifetime membership:
$10.00 per individual
$100.00 per individual

Dues are collected by the membership chairperson.
Each member or will receive a membership card.